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Jack and Lily shoe fashion for kids

There is hardly anything so irresistible as little children and their tiny feet, right? Their small feet need small shoes and let´s face it, the fashionistas of today do not grow older and older, but rather the opposite. However, as a parent you still need to make sure that your little darlings wear comfortable and practical shoes too. Jack and Lily is the brand that represents both functionality and cuteness overload at the same time. Trendy shoes for children, designed for fun outdoor games and adventures!

Jack and Lily – a popular brand from the start

Jack and Lily is a brand that designs adorable shoes for children and the company has been a great success right from the start. They are known for their perfect cut and outstanding quality. Not surprisingly the company was founded by a mother of two. She knew what was missing and she made sure to invent it. Little did she know that Jack and Lily would become a popular shoe brand among children and their parents all over the world.

Jack and Lily style and care suggestions

The brand offers both boots and shoes in a large variety of colours and models. Nice suede boots designed to keep tiny feet warm during winter walks or summery sandals for bare feet. Jack and Lily shoes are designed to be just as suitable for days in the daycare center or at school when the kids get a bit older. Even at children´s parties these shoes make a perfect match with any party outfit. Create a cool look with jeans or a short skirt or wear them with glittery tights.

Footway for kids and parents – buy Jack and Lily online

An hour at a shoe store can sometimes feel like a an eternity. Patience is long gone and both parents and kids are sick of trying out new models. Sound familiar? Do your shopping together online at Footway instead. That way you can both look for your new favourites while enjoying a coffee or an ice cream at the same time! Once the decision has been made, you can place your order in just a few clicks and then move on to your next fun activity with smiles on your faces.

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