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Jack & Jones - for men who likes style and trends

Jack & Jones is a brand for men who like fashion, trends and stylish designs. They offer comfortable shoes with a sleek, urban look that goes with casua,l as well as more proper outfits. You can really play around with these shoes and mix and match them with any style you are comfortable in. It is a perfect addition to your wardrobe and you will get plenty of use out of a pair of shoes from Jack & Jones. You will find several different models ranging from boots to sneakers to sandals in many practical colours.

Jack& Jones, Danish designs for men across the world

Jack & Jones is a Danish brand and it belongs to the fashion company called Bestseller, which was founded in 1975. However, Jack & Jones did not hit the market until 1989 and was mainly focusing on denim. Today it is an international brand with many loyal customers who want creative designs and top quality products. The brand has a tough yet relaxed and trendy vibe which suits men who want a confident look. Jack & Jones has 1000 stores across 38 different countries to give many people a chance to explore this world class brand.

Business to casual with Jack & Jones shoes

Many people might know of Jack & Jones as a clothing brand but they also have many stylish shoes. You can match them with a pair of cool jeans and a t-shirt or a long-sleeve from the same brand and go for a complete Jack & Jones look. This is a brand for confident and fashionable men and there are a variety of styles for different seasons and looks. You can throw on a nice suit and match it with a pair of black leather shoes for a business look or go for a pair of sneakers and causal trousers on the weekend.

Explore Jack & Jones online on Footway

Footway gives you many high quality shoes from Jack & Jones that can be worn with an everyday look or fancy outfits. There are a variety of materials depending on your personal style and preferences as well as many nice colours. The styles range from sneakers and boots to formal and informal business shoes. The Footway website is very easy to navigate and you can even modify your search to get the exact style that you are looking for. We also have several other brands for both women and children.

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