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John Fluevog – a different shoe design

Do you like the modern way of mixing a certain style with another and making it into something completely new? Look no further! We recommend you to have a look at the Canada based shoe brand Joihn Fluevog, for a mix of cowboy style and ultra-modern fashion shoe design. Stylish and comfortable, with cool details and quality leather, John Fluevog offers fantastic footwear in several different models for both men and women. We have a few selected models in stock here at Footway.

John Fluevog has made quality shoes for over 40 years

For over 40 years John Fluevog has designed top quality shoes for both men and women. In the 1970´s, John Fluevog got a job in a shoe store. Later on, he started his own shoe business together with a friend, Peter Fox. After 10 years, Fox and Fluevog split their business and Fluevog became simply John Fluevog. The rest is history. Some of our all-time favourites are the high shaft brown leather boots ARD and the Chapot low shaft boots with wood inspired semi high heels and a decorative adjustable buckle on the front.

John Fluevog shoes, styling and care

If you are lucky enough to own a pair of John Fluevog, make sure to take good care of them. Use recommended products for the specific material in your shoes, and keep an eye out for any marks from water or mud. Wipe them away gently with a soft cloth and say a little prayer at the same time. John Fluevog shoes are suitable for wearing with your favourite ripped jeans, but also with a more dressed up outfit for party occasions. Match with nice accessories.

John Fluevog – now available online at Footway

The name John Fluevog represents style and fashion, alongside quality and top class design. With an eye for the unique, and a great sense for cut and material, this brand reaches very far from their main office located in Vancouver. John Fluevog is one of our new favourite brands, and it is now available at Footway. We are proud to present our few selected John Fluevog models and we look forward to presenting others in the future. Just click your way through our ordering process and feel the smile that will slowly spread on your face.

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