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Juicy Couture – fancy shoes in bright colours

What could a glamorous and fresh selection of shoes inspired by youth and courage possibly become other than a great success?The above description is perfect for the fancy brand of shoes that goes by the name of Juicy Couture, and this brand certainly has become a great success. Juicy Couture is based in California, but has spread far away from Los Angeles and has now over 60 stores worldwide. Juicy Couture offers something new to the fashion world - quality materials and brave design that allows the wearer to feel both sexy and comfortable at the same time. These shoes are the perfect choice for any fashion aware woman of today.

Juicy Couture shoes - history and famous shoe models

Juicy Couture was founded in 1997 so it is a pretty young brand. However, it has quickly established itself on the shoe market and is now a popular choice for ladies with an attitude. Surprising patterns like leopard or snake skin, brave colours such as bold pink or sharp yellow are a few examples of what this brand is all about. It´s target group is all young women who like to be both sophisticated and playful in their image, and who like to be wearing a tiny piece of the hip LA culture on their feet.

Juicy Couture – cool tips for cool wearers

Juicy Couture makes different shoe models such as sandals, low shoes, flip flops and wintery boots. This means that they can easily become an all year around favourite for you. Some shoes are made of leather and require a special treatment with grease or waterproofing spray. Juicy Couture will make the perfect final touch to your outfit, regardless of whether you are going to work or dressing up for a Saturday night adventure in the city (or heading out on a first date!).

Juicy Couture at Footway – your no.1 online store

Wearing the right shoes makes it so much easier to walk down the road to success and the first step is, of course, to visit our website. At Footway, you can browse through a seemingly endless number of brands and, most likely, stop a little longer when you get to Juicy Couture's selection. Place your order today and enjoy your new shoes in just a short while.

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