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Kamik shoes – all weather boots from Canada

Kamik shoes and boots come from Canada and have been made by a family operated brand since 1898. Their 400 employees work hard to design, manufacture and test the Kamik products in order for this legacy to carry on and delight the next generation of avid Kamik fans. The shoes themselves are designed for life in the tough north and can withstand snow, rain, sleet, slush and all other kinds of weather that the unpredictable climate can throw at you. Kamik only make reliable shoes, which is why they have so many loyal followers. Try a pair of Kamik shoes this winter and see whether you ever want to try any other kinds of shoe.

Looking after your Kamik shoes

The shoes are made from a variety of materials using the latest technologies and designs, but the care instructions are similar to those that have been recommended over the years. Clean your shoes using water and a little bit of soap to remove mud, grit and salt. Apply a waterproofing treatment to help the shoes repel moisture and then let them dry naturally and keep them away from the radiator. Direct heat might speed up the drying process but it plays havoc with the materials and construction of the shoes. Avoid at all costs.

Style tips for Kamik shoes

Kamik shoes will get you through the coldest winter, but they are anything but cold to look at. Thanks to more than a century of design experience, Kamik are able to make boots for the winter that you can be proud to wear in any outdoor event. Whether you are walking to school, cheering on a ski team or simply going to your car, the Kamik style will let you feel great while keeping you warm and cosy the whole time. With black and coloured pairs available you have the choice to keeping it simple or livening it up.

Kamik shoes online at Footway

We love sending out Kamik shoes. Although we are always sorry to see another pair of beautiful shoes go, we love the thought of how they will keep your feet cosy even in the coldest weather. We work hard to ship orders soon after receiving them, so even if you are in a great hurry to start wearing your Kamik shoes, we think that you will have enough time to receive them. Fast delivery, great selection and a smooth shopping process. Those are our promises to our customers.

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