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Karin Halvors - an amazing brand by an inspiring woman

Karin Halvors is a brand inspired by the 30’s and has a luxurious and elegant feel. The shoes are perfect to wear at a wedding, or a fun summer party, but you can also match them with a more casual outfit for everyday wear. The motto of the brand’s founder was “Smile at the world, and the world will smile back at you”, which describes her way of living and her goal to spread happiness in the world. Her collections of shoes are meant for women who want to spice up their wardrobe and feel glamorous.

Add a pinch of luxury with Karin Halvors shoes

Karin Halvors is the founder of the brand and the collections are mixed with influences from the 30’s and current trends in the fashion industry today. The brand produces shoes, accessories and purses for events, parties and everyday life. The shoes have a feminine touch and are perfect for upcoming weddings and other important life changing moments. The shoes will make you feel special, happy, elegant and everything else that Karin Halvors wants you to feel. She created this brand with happiness and women in mind and it is a great way to add some extra luxury to your life.

Karin Halvors, a perfect choice for weddings and events

The thought behind this brand was to smile and be happy and this is exactly what you should keep in mind when wearing the shoes. Don’t be afraid to try out new styles and match with different colours that you might not be used to. The brand wants you to feel confident and dare to try new things. You can wear these luxury and feminine shoes to fun events that you have planned or if you just want to add that special touch to your everyday outfit. You can wear the shoes with anything from trousers and jeans to dresses and skirts.

Elegant shoes from Karin Halvors online on Footway

Find the ultimate pair of Karin Halvors shoes for your next event online on Footway. You can find nice options for upcoming weddings and graduations or pick out a pair that you would like to match with more causal outfits. You will find shoes at different price points for all kinds of preferences and wallets. Anything is possible with shoes by Karin Halvors. Start looking for your own pair today and if you have any questions along the way we urge you to contact our lovely customer service agents.

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