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Ugg Australia – shoes with a relaxed touch

A pair of shoes from UGG Australia is the symbol of the casual yet active surfing style. Made to relieve and be kind to tired feet that have spent an entire day in the waves, they have taken the world by storm, and today UGG Australia sell not only the classic sheepskin boots, but also flip-flops, heels, winter boots and children's shoes!

Ugg Australia – from Australia, New Zeeland or U.S.A?

The kind of sheepskin boots that we call Uggs are said to come from New Nya Zeeland and Australia. The boot was initially referred to as “ugly boot” and then it got the name “uggs”. The brand Ugg Australia was created by an Aussie surfer called Brian Smith, who lived on the American west coast during the 70’s, when the surf culture was at its peak.

Sheepskin boots for surfers conquered the world of fashion

The neat thing about a pair of Uggs is that they are made from sheepskin, which keeps your feet warm when it’s cold and has enough ventilation to keep your feet from being warm and humid when it’s hot. That is why they are worn year round by surfers across the world. When Uggs became trendy in the 2000’s, these incredibly comfy shoes spread to the rest of the world, and today you see Uggs on every other person who wants comfy yet stylish shoes. Today Uggs Australia not only make their classic sheepskin boot with soft wool on the inside, but also everything from winter boots to clogs. The relaxed style of the shoes however, are found in all models from Uggs Australia.

Care for your Uggs

If you want your Uggs to repel water and dirt and thus keep you warm and dry for longer, it’s important that you impregnate your boots before first use and then regularly throughout their lifetime. That way your shoes will last longer.

Ugg Australia online at Footway

Here at Footway you find a wide selection from Ugg Australia with everything from stylish wedges and flip-flops to winter boots and the classic “Uggs”. We even have cute kiddie Uggs! When you have ordered your shoes, you can look forward to receiving your shoes within just a couple of days. No need to wait with the famous, fast shipping at Footway.

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184 results
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