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Kawasaki – a Japanese name for Danish shoes

The Kawasaki label originated in 1972 when the first drawings for the shoes were created by a Danish company. They followed through on the idea and the shoes were first sold in Copenhagen, but later became the best-selling shoes throughout Denmark. The shoes were designed as sports shoes for the 70s, they were worn in the discos of the 80s and to work in the 90s. Nowadays the shoes are prized as retro models and retain their heritage from the dull communist era. The shoes were originally only made in black and white but are available in many colours nowadays.

How to care for Kawasaki shoes

Like any sports shoe, the care instructions for Kawasaki shoes revolve around keeping them clean and dry. Wipe away dirt from your shoes after wearing them, or for heavy staining you can even machine wash them on a very low heat and a gentle setting. If you wear your shoes every day it’s a good idea to have two pairs so that each pair has a rest day to fully dry out and recover. This will lengthen the life of your shoes, but you can also innovate by having two different colours and making your friends guess which model they will see you wearing next.

Style tips for Kawasaki shoes

These shoes were originally designed for sports but are nowadays prized for the retro look and feel. The low sides of the shoe, together with the slightly aged and faded feel of the range of colours all contribute to make you feel like you are back in the 70s where your shoes were the only thing holding your cool image together. Nowadays that is not the case, but you can improve your coolness by coordinating your Kawasaki shoes with a shirt, a scarf or even your watchstrap.

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27 results
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