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Keen - practical shoes for men and women with an active lifestyle

Keen designs and produces shoes for men and women who live an active outdoor life. The shoes are innovative and have an ergonomic fit, which is great for long walks, hikes and other activities. You can wear these shoes for hours and be sure that your feet are comfortable and protected. The company only uses natural materials when producing these wonderful shoes and the shoe boxes are made of recycled paper. The environment is a top priority. 

Get inspired to exercise with shoes from Keen

Keen has created functional shoes with sports and physical activity in mind. The brand is for those who like to go camping, go for long hikes or do other types of exercising. With a pair of shoes from Keen, working out and moving around will become so much easier and you will be incredibly comfortable. Wearing a pair of Keen shoes will motivate you to work out and not forget about the importance of exercising daily. Forget about the elevator, you will want to take the stairs. Your feet are protected and the soles of your feet will love the ergonomic fit. The designs are innovative and fun with a lot of details and bright colours.

Take care of your feet with Keen shoes

If a comfortable fit is at the top of your priority list, you need a pair of shoes from Keen. Just because they are comfortable does not mean that the brand has forgotten about the importance of design and details. The shoes are all trendy with a sporty touch and they are perfect for your daily walks, longer trips or any kind of physical activity. There are many nice colours to choose from, whether you like something more bright and fun or maybe prefer a basic colour that goes with everything. Wear the shoes with workout gear, jeans or stretchy trousers and a loose t-shirt or long sleeve depending on the weather.

Find shoes from Keen online on Footway

Footway has a wide range of shoes from Keen so if you want a pair made of natural materials with a comfortable ergonomic fit and a nice design, this is your type of brand. The colours range from basic black and smooth purple to stylish blue and many other amazing colour combinations. Your options are many and it might be tricky to choose which ones you like the most. Spend some time on the website and browse through our impressive collection. The customer service team is always nearby if you need them.

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