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Keep shoes – vegan footwear for vegans and others

Keep shoes are shoes designed with a certain type of friendliness baked into them. Now what on earth could this possibly mean? Well, Keep shoes are vegan shoes – they are designed and produced without harming animals. They are made completely in textile and created in a very soft and smooth way. The colours are nature colours and they do not only look very comfortable, but they are as well. Trendy patterns like white spots on a blue background, brown checked parts and details, but always completely vegan. Keep shoes are shoes to keep.

Keep vegan shoes – a different shoe industry

Keep was founded in 2006 and with the growing amount of people who live a vegan lifestyle, this became a great success. Since the shoes from Keep look just as trendy as any other brand but are guaranteed to be vegan, there is really no reason to look elsewhere. These shoes are not only for those who follow a vegan diet, their comfort and nice appearance appeal to other people as well.

Keep vegan shoes – wear them with pride

If you wear a pair of Keep shoes to a party or a date you make a statement. Your shoes are made in a way that is friendly to animals as well as to the environment in general so if you run out of subjects to talk about, you can always talk about your shoes. You can choose from a wide range of models and match them with jeans or shorts and a t- shirt. If you want to dress up they look well with a shirt and tie too, and they are incredibly comfortable to wear.

Keep shoes – shoes that we keep, of course, at Footway

Are you trying to decide if you want to stay in your comfortable sofa or go shopping for shoes? Why choose when you can do both at the same time? When you shop for shoes at Footway you can stay where you are, but still have access to thousands of lovely and inspiring shoe brands, Keep shoes of course being one of them. Open your laptop, place your order and relax. Your Keep shoes are already on their way to you.

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