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Kickers shoes – clever solutions for your feet

Are you one of the many women, men or children who appreciate nice comfortable footwear with gorgeous design that will keep their shape for a long time? Kickers offers all this, and a great deal more. Kickers has developed unique technical solutions for boots, shoes and ballerina low shoes, to make them even more comfortable to wear and ever so foot friendly! The specially developed Micro Fresh technique makes your feet stay fresh for hours, and in combination with the so-called Cushion Foam, it allows your feet to feel fresh and relaxed all day long.

The history and models of Kickers shoes

Kickers is a shoe brand that has always been well liked and it has, since the start in 1970 when Daniel Raufast got inspiration from students in Paris and possibly the musical Hair, grown to become an iconic shoe brand among the shoe lovers of the world. Owning a pair of Kickers is something to be proud of. Sustainable and soft material like nubuck and leather, carefully mixed with a bold design and a comfortable cut, characterizes these shoes that are favourites for men, women and children all over the globe.

How to take care of your Kickers shoes

Some people like to follow trends and change their style whenever the direction of the fashion wind changes, which often leads to an over filled wardrobe and an empty bank account. Very well, but the clever way would instead be to pick out a brand like Kickers, which offers timeless design that will never go out of fashion. Made of real leather and available in boot models as well as thinner summer models, you will be able to wear Kickers all year round. Match them with jeans or a short skirt and make sure to treat them with leather grease occasionally, to keep them soft and shining.

Get a kick online when you buy Kickers shoes from Footway

Comfortable feet can make your day! Buy a pair of Kickers and keep your feet happy. Footway has a growing selection of Kickers available for you online, alongside thousands of other shoe brands, and we are happy to help you with any inquiries regarding the ordering process or our products. We live for shoes. And for our customers. Welcome to become one.

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