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KMB shoes – Spanish fashion since 1980

The several generations of shoemakers who have worked at KMB surely know what fashion in footwear is all about. The team of professionals are all devoted to the cause of bringing these amazingly hot Spanish shoes to the attention of women around the world. You haven’t tried true fashion for feet until you have worn a pair of thoroughly Spanish shoes and experienced this high quality and versatile footwear. KMB make shoes for the individual woman and aim to help you express your character through your footwear. The range on offer at Footwear contains models for warmer and colder weather, so take your pick and equip your feet for the modern urban catwalk.

Taking care of KMB shoes

Depending on the material of your shoes, you may need to spend some time caring for your shoes to get the best out of them and to ensure that they have a long life. With leather, fabric or synthetic materials, you can wipe with water and soap. Always allow the shoes to air dry naturally and avoid the temptation to dry them close to a radiator which could cause the materials to crack. If you have chosen a pair of suede shoes you should be careful to keep them protected from moisture and only use a suede brush to clean them.

Style tips for KMB shoes

These typically Spanish shoes convey what every woman would like to express. Beauty without fuss. An effortless style which transcends the passage of time and which will let you look and feel good, whatever the occasion. There are plenty of models which will go well with work clothes and add a touch of class to your suit or formal skirt. For nights out you can choose between sandals or wedges, or go for the high-heeled boots that will surely get you noticed.

KMB shoes online at Footway

Ordering your KMB shoes from Footway is as simple as the mere touch of a button. All you have to do is select the shoes that you want. You can use the convenient filters if you need help in choosing from the bewilderingly wide range. Once you have placed your selected shoes in the basket, all you need to do is to give us your address and make your payment. Once payment has been received, our shipping times are phenomenally fast. The Footway promise is that you will never have to wait long for your new shoes to arrive.

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8 results
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