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Kuoma® Shoes: On-trend Footwear

You know you can’t go wrong when you pick a pair of shoes from a manufacturer who has been producing top-of-the-range footwear since 1928. Kuomiokoski Ltd is one of the oldest shoe manufacturers in Finland and the proud makers of Kuoma® shoes. At Footway, we are pleased to offer an extensive range of Kuoma® shoes that are crafted impressively. It’s all in the years of experience and specialised attention to detail.

It’s all about quality

One thing that stands out about Kuoma® shoes is that they are high-quality footwear. There is a strong focus on quality from the materials used to the production process and Kuoma® shoes are also popular for their top comfort and lightness. The Kuoma® range consists of sports footwear that is suitable for various outdoor activities, leisure footwear that is made of genuine leather, and a remarkable winter range.

A solid winter range

Inspired by the Finnish winters that come with everything from the incredibly low arctic temperatures to slush ice, the Kuoma® winter boots are made to beat the cold anywhere. The winter boots provide reliable insulation and waterproofing and you can enjoy the outdoor wonders of winter without worrying much about dirt because they are engineered to repel dirt.The winter range also comes with changeable insoles, shock-absorbing outsoles, and reflective strips that enhance safety. You can rest easy knowing you are covered from moisture and the cold and some of the boots even offer the best warmth and protection in temperatures as low as -40°C. Now that’s impressive.

Sturdy Kuoma® shoes for everyone

The beauty about Kuoma® shoes is that there’s a pair for everyone whether the shoes are for a baby or an adult. The babies and kids collection offers the best comfort and support for children’s feet and it’s even built to allow for quick wearing and taking off of the shoes. The models for women have a graceful form that helps to retain chic style and glamour even when in winter outfits and the men are not outdone – their collection is built to complement male stylishness.There’s a wide range of colours to choose from so you will be spoilt for choice when picking out something that complements your fashion taste or colour preferences. If you are looking for quality, comfort and durability in one place you can count on Kuoma® and we have it all at Footway.

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15 results
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