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KvD Los Angeles – rock and roll from top to toes!

Do you feel like going to the big country in the west but can´t afford it? It´s a lot cheaper to buy a pair of American shoes. KvD Los Angeles creates beautiful heels or no heels in a trendy style that brings you straight to the west. Stylish and modern, topped with a sensitive touch of the past. Choose between eye-catching pumps and sweet ballerinas. The Rockabilly design with dots and bright pastels makes one thing certain. If you wear KvD Los Angeles on your feet, you will not go unnoticed.

KvD Los Angeles – shoes for young ladies with a style of their own

KvD Los Angeles id a world famous brand, making shoes that speak to a young, female target group. The young ladies who are well aware of existing trends but have their mind set on creating new ones. The shoes are durable and comfy and come in different sizes, colours and styles. Dress nicely, and match your outfit with a pair of outstanding rock´n roll shoes from KvD Los Angeles.

KvD Los Angeles – when to wear them and how to take care of them

KvD Los Angeles shoes are perfect for any occasion. Tight dresses with lovely patterns or a simple black skirt and top are perfectly matched with a pair of blue super high heels from Kvd los Angeles like the cocky Sorrento model, and if you are more for jeans or jeans shorts with fringy edges there are flat ballerinas in turquoise working well with your outfit. KvD Los Angeles are durable favourites made of synthetic leather that should perhaps primarily be worn in dry weather if worn outside. Other than that, they require no special treatment to keep them happy, apart from perhaps a little bragging every little once in a while.

KvD Los Angeles shoes- top quality shoes available online at Footway

Why not bring out your inner rock´n roll princess with a pair of sweet or tough KvD Los Angeles shoes? Spoil yourself and do it from your couch at home. Footway has a nice selection of shoes from brands known worldwide and and we will deliver your chosen KvD los angeles pair before you know it. Footway online is the best way to shop and it´s not even difficult to get started!

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1 results
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