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L.A.M.B – shoes for brightly shining stars!

Some people just have it! That little extra something, the sense of style mixed with generous genes as well as a fabulous aura! They can still be nice people though, such as famous pop singer Gwen Stefani for instance. She is a world famous star who has created a truly unique, chic and trendy style that inspires young women all over the western world. A dream come true is the fact that she has recently started to design shoes! Her brand goes by the name of L.A.M.B and OMG - these are shoes for brightly shining stars.

L.A.M.B shoes – what makes them so special

The name L.A.M.B stands for Love Angel Music Baby and we can only guess that this sort of describes the character of the designer herself. She is sweet but wild and this is exactly what these shoes radiate. These shoes are a mix of tenderness, craziness, femininity and fashion and it´s a perfect match. Gwen Stefani is the founder of the company and for the last decade she has successfully designed her own shoes. The personal touch and the chic, rocky heels are constantly growing more popular and it would not be surprising if she decides to go further and design other things too.

L.A.M.B – perfect party shoes for perfect party animals

L.A.M.B shoes are the perfect finish to any party outfit when you want people to notice you. No matter if wearing tight jeans or a lovely little dress, Gwen Stefani wouldn´t go unnoticed at any event, right? Neither will you when you wear her beautiful L.A.M.B shoes.The materials are the finest suede and leather and you need to look after your shoes carefully. Wipe them clean, brush them or grease them according to any instruction you may have received upon purchase.

L.A.M.B – fancy shoes at Footway

So you have decided to become a superstar (- or at least look like one)! An excellent start is to invest in a pair of nice high heel sandals from L.A.M.B. Footway is the place to be when you want to shop around for new shoes. We love shoes and we love to make life easier for our customers. Place your order now at Footway and get the party started! Can we join?

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8 results
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