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Lakai shoes for skaters around the world

Although its heyday might have passed, the skater lifestyle is far from dead. This can be witnessed in the extraordinary number of shoe brands dedicated to providing skate enthusiats with essential gear and cool accessories. Far more than a sport, the skate philosophy runs deep in your soul and brings messages of fun and inclusivity. You don’t have to be a skater to buy Lakai shoes, as all the models are suitable for everyday life and cool enough to get you noticed, even if all you do is wear them around the office. Try out a pair today!

The Lakai story

The Lakai brand is based in California, which some would argue to be one of the original skater homes. Founded at the height of skating passion, in 1999, the founders were themselves skaters (Mike Carroll and Rick Howard) and therefore had an instinctive understanding of the importance of quality and style in the shoes they manufactured. Since its early beginnings, the brand has been endorsed by various famous skaters and prominent models can be seen on the feet of skaters even today. Check out Lakai’s Beware of the Flare video to learn more about the brand and its values.

Taking care of Lakai footwear

Whether or not you’re involved in the skating community, Lakai shoes are the pair you wear to impress your mates. However, that won’t be happening if you let them get dirty and scruffy. Keep the shoes in good nick by cleaning them regularly. A damp cloth will get rid of most surface dirt, and then use a waterproofing treatment to protect the surface. Always let your shoes air when you take them off, as that will allow sweat and moisture to escape and ensure the materials bounce back from hard wear.

Lakai online at Footway

Great things have been said about the Lakai brand, which is why it’s so great that these shoes are available to our UK customers via the Footway web store. Another great thing is that you can browse through the whole range and even save your favourites to come back to later. When footwear is such an imperative and important part of your everyday life, we know that it’s difficult to make a decision about which model to go for. Our top tip is to make a shortlist and sleep on it. Perhaps you’ll dream about yourself skating to victory wearing a certain pair of shoes…

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