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Laksen shoes for outdoor sports

The Laksen Sporting brand has been going since the 1970s, providing footwear for generations of outdoor enthusiasts to underpin their hobby and protect their feet from the cold and wet. Grouse shooting, deer stalking and forest walks are just a few of the sports associated with this prestigious brand, and there is plenty of reason for choosing them for your outdoor sport needs. With decades of experience in making shoes for a definite purpose, the designs perfectly incorporate everything that is needed for a particular sport. If you are an outdoor person, you can’t go wrong with a pair of highly specialised Laksen shoes.

The Laksen story and history

The Laksen brand is associated with outdoor hunting and some of the things that we consider to be most quintessentially British. However, despite the stereotype, you’d be forgiven for feeling some surprise to find out the brand is actually Danish. With the long association between the two countries and the Danish passion for nature, it actually makes sense. Plus, with the Danish reputation for quality and design, your new shoes will be of outstanding quality, whichever model you choose.

Laksen quality shoe care

Taking care of good quality shoes is an end in itself. You want your shoes to stay nice for as long as possible, and therefore you won’t mind taking those extra few minutes to clean your shoes at the end of a satisfying day in the forest. Use a damp cloth to remove mud and dirt, and then give the shoes a going over with a waterproofing treatment. This will help them stand against the weather and harsh conditions the next time you wear them.

Laksen online at Footway

The best deal for Laksen shoes is undoubtedly to buy them here online at Footway. No need to travel to Denmark to find those excellent models you’ve been craving. Your shoe needs can all be fulfilled at the click of a button. Better still, with Footway’s super range, you can shop for outdoor and indoor shoes at the same time. Perhaps you also need a pair of shoes for the office? No problem! Use our ingenious search filters to narrow down your choices until you find the perfect model that is within your price range. The only thing better than placing your order is that moment when you receive the parcel with your new shoes!

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