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Le Chameau shoes – boots for all types of weather

As the name would suggest, this company is entirely French and offers boots for every weather. They have been in existence since 1927 and are part of the Lafuma group. If the latter fact does not convince you of the excellence of the boots, a look at the range ought to. The high quality craftsmanship and the superb materials that go into making each pair are clear to see. Whether you need a pair of rubber boots for walking in the rain, or if you have a job that frequently takes you outdoors, this brand offers wonderful protection for your feet so that you can concentrate on the matter at hand.

Care instructions for Le Chameau shoes

Water and a brush suffice to clean the mud and dirt from these boots. You can use a rubber conditioner or a silicone spray to help protect the surface. Always let the boots dry in their natural shape and keep them away from any heat sources which can cause the materials to dry out and crack. If your boots get wet inside (as can sometimes happen) you can simply rinse them out and then stuff them with newspaper to help the drying process.

Style tips for Le Chameau shoes

The all-weather boots are no longer predominantly the domain of farmers and fishermen. You can wear these boots at various events and in various situations and still appear stylish while being ready for all weathers. If you are a frequent music festivalgoer then it’s worth investing in a pair of really good boots. Or if your work is the kind that regularly takes you out of doors and into the wilderness, you can rest assured that your feet will stay dry and cosy.

Le Chameau shoes online at Footway

There are no doubt that many companies offer rubber boots, but the quality of Le Chameau is what holds it apart from the other brands. Likewise, the advantages of shopping with Footway raise us above other web shops. You start by experiencing our smooth shopping process. The website is user friendly and easy to navigate. Then it comes to the huge selection of shoes – which might leave you baffled, but for our convenient filtering system.

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