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Liebeskind Berlin – a beloved brand

This German brand is pronounced “leeb-es-kint”, meaning “beloved child”. That might make you think that the brand makes shoes for children, but that is actually not the case. The Liebeskind Berlin company makes bags, shoes and other accessories for fashionable women, and the name refers to the love that many women feel for their favourite possessions. The name alone should therefore be enough to convince you of the worth of shoes that are named after a beloved child. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s smart work shoes or casual boots, the Liebeskind Berlin range will come through for you.

Building up the Liebeskind Berlin brand

The Liebeskind success did not happen overnight. When the brand started in 2003, it was a long road to the success they nowadays enjoy, but their loyal fans (including us at Footway) will agree that it was worth the effort! The magic behind the brand is their knack for capturing the spirit of the cosmopolitan German capital. In a city so full of history and culture, there is little chance that any designer will find themselves short of inspiration. Browse through the Liebeskind Berlin shoe range and you will doubtless see what we mean. These are shoes worthy of the cool and modern people that live in the German capital, or any other city for that matter.

Liebeskind Berlin makes your kind of style

One of the truly unique factors about Liebeskind is the jubilance of the colours used to brighten the range. If you’re the kind of person who likes to coordinate their outfits, you’ll find plenty of scope for matching shoes from the Liebeskind selection with your favourite garments. We have always admired the brilliance of their moccasins and ballerinas – which are shoes perfect for wearing with both trouser suits and skirts.

Liebeskind Berlin online at Footway

What has the world come to when you have to look online for your next set of shoes? Actually, at Footway we consider the transition to online shoe shopping to be a great improvement! Not only can you browse through a far bigger range, but you can also filter out unsuitable shoes (for example the wrong size or shape) using our nifty search filters. We are dying to introduce you to a new world of shoes, including brands from all over Europe, so jump on the Footway wagon, join the community and start sharing our love for shoes!

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5 results
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