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Lise Lindvig – spreading the Danish love for shoes

We’ll never get tired of Danish fashion, and while it’s true that the country seems to have more than its fair share of talented shoe designers, we don’t begrudge them that in the slightest. When you turn to a smaller independent designer like Lise Lindvig, you’ll find that the shoes on offer are something out of the ordinary and a breath of fresh air compared to the normal mass-market, mass-produced shoes you see in shoe shops everyday. One of the great advantages of shopping with an online shoe store like Footway is that you can meet such smaller designers and browse through their shoe selection without ever having to leave your living room.

The Lise Lindvig story

The truly wonderful thing about Lise Lindvig shoes is that they are supremely comfortable, while being highly fashionable. Although ti seems like an obvious combination, you would be aghast at the number of shoe brands that fail to factor in comfort as a consideration when designing shoes. When you have a strenuous job with a lot of time on your feet, you need shoes that offer the proper suppoert and comfort. However, these amazing designs are far from everyday. Find playful and unique designs, where the choice of top quality materials is self-evident in the appearance of the shoes.

Lise Lindvig shoe care tips

As a designer, Lisa Lindvig aims to give all women a lovely shoe experience, so the least you can do is to take good care of your shoes in return. Shoes that are consistently cared for and never shoved into the cupboard while still dirty or damp will have a much longer life and be far more constant companions. If your shoes are dirty when you get home from work or in the evening, it only takes a couple of minutes to run a damp cloth over them and remove those stains before they have time to set in. Get used to the habit, and your shoes will thank you for it.

Lise Lindvig online at Footway

Shopping online has many advantages and almost no drawbacks. At Footway we’ve worked hard to make sure that the drawbacks are even smaller and less significant. For example, we always make sure that orders are sent out as soon as possible, so as soon as you’ve ordered your shoes, you can look forward to getting them within a few days.

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