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Lodi – add some Spanish vibrancy to your shoe closet

If there’s one thing that the Spanish do well, it’s fashion. And not just any fashion, they are particularly skilled in turning out amazing pairs of shoes, one after the other. When you visit any Spanish city, your eyes will continuously be drawn to people’s feet, and that’s because their feet are so well clothed. When you think about high fashion and high quality shoes, you can definitely add Lodi to the list of shoe brands that spring to mind, and not just because of the Spanish connection either. The brand has been dedicated to quality and style since the very beginning.

Lodi shoes – fabulous since 1978

Made in Spain is one of the watchwords of the Lodi brand. That’s why, when you check out the Lodi range at Footway, your eyes will be drawn to the high quality materials and the daring nature of the shoe design. However, like many Spanish brands, Lodi succeed in being daring without losing the classy quality that will allow you to wear the shoes at work or at weddings, or on practically any dressy occasion. With the best leather and other materials, these shoes are lovingly designed and carefully realised by genuine Spanish craftsman and artisans.

Style and care with Lodi

When it comes to style, if you have found your way to the Lodi brand, then there is probably little that we can teach you about style. Matching shoes with outfits is a fun hobby and probably one that you excelled at throughout school. When it comes to taking care of your shoes, the key is in keeping the shoes clean and dry. Allowing shoes to air out after each use is a good way to ensure that they keep their shape and don’t start to develop odour.

Lodi online at Footway

Shopping online is one of the very best ways to expose yourself to a wide range of shoe brands from all over the world. With an online catalogue like the one on offer at Footway, you can see how many shoes there are waiting for your order. It’s often the case that you go shopping for a certain type of shoe and then end up buying something else that catches your eye. No problem though. You can take advantage of the great prices and wonderful service here at Footway. Got questions about the order or delivery process? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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