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Ludwig Reiter – excellent leather and Viennese craftsmanship

The Ludwig Reiter name is irrevocably associated with two things: quality and horse riding. Although the latter is something of a red herring, because the company does not make riding products, the quality leather used in the shoe and handbag production is nevertheless as good as that used in the finest riding equipment. The distinctive horse rider logo is as characteristic of the brand as their excellent shoes and boots. And if you would like a handbag or other kind of leather accessory to match your shoes perfectly, this is the brand that can provide it.

Ludwig Reiter – more than a century of style

One of the proud old Austrian brands, Ludwig Reiter is as appreciated a name in Austrian households as it was in the early days when it was established in Vienna in 1885. The original business model was based on the sale of quality leather shoes to the Austrian gentry, and with the country being at the centre of the Hapsburg empire, they certainly did good business. Although the empire itself did not survive the events of later years, the brand happily did, as well as retaining its excellent reputation for high quality and a modern approach to upholding tradition.

Caring for high quality Ludwig Reiter shoes

Leather is a fantastic shoe material but requires a little love and care in order to stay in good condition. You can look after your Ludwig Reiter shoes by brushing them regularly to remove dust and dirt, and using a leather conditioner periodically. Always use a shoehorn to put on your shoes so that the heels and backs retain their shape. Let your shoes air for a while and dry them thoroughly before storing them, as this prevents them retaining moisture, which can cause the leather to degrade.

Ludwig Reiter online at Footway

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