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Lundhags shoes: For the love of fine boots

Back in 1932, Jonas Lundhag blended his love for nature, adventure, and quality to come up with some of the finest boots in the world. Fast forward to the present and Lundhags is a top brand that’s still making some really fine shoes.The secret of the success lies in upholding the Lundhag tradition of comfort, excellent functionality, and careful attention to detail. There are many adventures to be had with nature and a good pair of boots can go a long way in making the whole experience even more enjoyable. At Footway, we are proud to have a wide range of Lundhags boots, because we know that only the best will do.

The Lundhags shoe experience

When picking out a pair of boots, you want comfort without sacrificing protection, flexibility, and durability. The beauty of Lundhags shoes is that you get all this and more. A pair of Lundhags boots will last you many seasons and adventures and you are guaranteed reliable comfort and repairability should you ever need it.What makes Lundhags shoes even better is the company’s focus on the value of sustainability. With Lundhags shoes, you can rest easy and enjoy the experiences knowing that your boots have had little to no impact on the environment.

The perfect Lundhags collections

Every adventurer has their own needs and so the Lundhags collection has different types of boots to suit various preferences. The shell boots are constructed according to the shell principle – each layer of the boot is kept separate. This makes it easy to dry each layer separately so that you stay comfortable in any weather.The OMNI range is the perfect balance between treks in the mountains and a great look in urban environments. These versatile boots are a great addition to any wardrobe They are great for the outdoors while still being great for pulling off that chic look that says you are all for adventure. The Heritage collection is as its name suggests, a range inspired by traditional Lundhags boot designs. The designs have been refined over the years but they still carry the essence of the Lundhags heritage – high quality, comfort, and specialised fine details.

Quality Guaranteed all the way

With each pair of Lundhags shoes, you are guaranteed quality. Only the finest materials are used and you get top craftsmanship and exceptional durability as well. You just have to try a pair to understand just how great the ‘Lundhags feeling’ is.

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5 results
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