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Luxury Rebel – part of the Heels family

Take a look at the Luxury Rebel range and you’ll be struck by the prolificacy of heels in the selection. Although there is a range of heights and styles, the heels are a definite feature of this luxurious brand. The shoes also have a touch of daring in them, as is suggested by their rebellious name. If you are the kind of woman who knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to use those extra centimetres of height to get it, then this is surely the brand for you. With a range of different shoe models, you can find options for both everyday and evening wear among the Footway selection.

Luxury Rebel – a meeting of concepts and designers

The Luxury Rebel brand is part of a new collection, where the designer Jean-Michael Cazabat has collaborated with a team from Highline United to produce these dashing beauties. With inspiration drawn from rock&roll as well as the spirit of the 70s, the fabulous designs are a definite catch for style-conscious and determined women of today. Although the brand is a relatively new concept, the team has not wasted time in getting those shoes out there. As a result, your investment in a pair of Luxury Rebel shoes may be the start of a trend among your friends.

Luxury Rebel shoes in your closet

When you take home a pair of beautiful shoes, your first impulse is to keep them safe from harm. However, that might mean that they never get to see the light of day. Make sure your gorgeous shoes aren’t hidden away from the sun altogether, and keep them in good condition by following a few tips for shoe care. Don’t let your shoes stay damp, always air them out after a long night of dancing or a walk in the rain. You can even use a waterproofing formula to protect them from the latter. Wipe off dirt, and keep delicate materials away from heat sources to avoid cracking the leather.

Luxury Rebel online at Footway

Shopping online is one of the luxuries of the modern world. You can ensure that your shoes always come to you by using online shopping services, such as Footway. Browse to your heart’s content and get your new shoes delivered to your door when you use our online store. We’ve done everything we can to make the shopping experience into a simple and friendly one, but if you have any problems or questions, we’re always ready to help.

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3 results
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