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Lyle&Scott shoes – Scottish quality with added elegance

This Scottish brand was establishes in 1874 when William, Lyle and Walter Scott started selling knitwear in a town near the Scottish border. Hard work and good management saw the firm’s reputation spreading until they became widely known in the surrounding towns and beyond. They received the royal warrant in 1975 as recognition of the high standard of their craftsmanship and their dedication to quality and innovation. The men’s shoes in the Footway selection of Lyle&Scott shoes exude a sporty elegance. There are both fabric and leather trainers as well as more formal shoes and boots.

How to care for Lyle&Scott shoes

Looking after leather shoes can be easy if you do it often. You can wipe the leather clean with a damp cloth, or alternatively, brush off dry dirt with a soft brush. Apply a waterproofing agent before you wear the shoes for the first time and periodically afterwards throughout the life of the shoes. If the shoes are made of fabric, you can follow the same procedure. Always allow shoes to air-dry naturally and resist the temptation to put them near any heat source, as direct heat can damage the materials.

Style tips for Lyle&Scott shoes

Wearing good quality shoes gives a man a sense of confidence that others can sense and are willing to follow. When you wear your Lyle&Scott shoes, it’s clear that you are willing to innovate, but that you aren’t prepared to follow the crowd or compromise on quality. You can wear these shoes with formal and casual wear, with jeans and with suits. One thing is certain, your shoes will be quietly noticed and your style and taste will be affirmed in the minds of all who see you.

Lyle&Scott shoes online at Footway

When you order shoes, it’s often for a special event, or because your old shoes have become worn out. Either way, you probably want to start using the new shoes as soon as possible. That’s why we at Footway prioritise fast delivery as one of the most important parts of our service. The other parts include providing a wide selection and a smooth shopping experience through our website and always being friendly when customers get in contact. The last part is easy, as we are so fond of our customers that we are always happy when you get in touch.

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