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Magnanni shoes – Spanish heritage for sophisticated dressers

Magnanni is a Spanish brand which began in 1954 in a factory with just 5 employees. The company has been involved with three generations of the Blanco family who continue to oversee the development of the brand and ensure that it remains true to its vision and heritage. Magnanni are known for producing shoes which appeal to travellers, gentlemen and connoisseurs of the fine things in life. Their modern designs are inspired by both nature and human experience and they set out to blur the line between the beauty of the natural world and the sophistication of modern civilisation

Care instructions for Magnanni shoes

Caring for Magnanni shoes is a prerequisite for their continued good appearance and condition. As most of the shoes are made of leather, you can look after them as you would any pair of leather shoes. Buff the shoes with a soft brush or cloth and apply a conditioning leather polish to retain the shine and suppleness of the leather. Allow shoes to dry thoroughly and store them on a shoe tree for best results. Use a shoehorn to protect the backs of the shoes and to facilitate putting on the shoes each time you wear them.

Style tips for Magnanni shoes

Magnanni style is about creating a timeless look that will acquit itself just as well whether it’s at a modern event of today or a decade into the future. Your shoes should be a complement to your outfit and should be effortlessly stylish while lending themselves to both formal and casual attire. Magnanni are particularly good at achieving that balance of elegance without seeming overdone. With time, you and your Magnanni shoes will become as inseparable as you and your reputation.

Magnanni shoes online at Footway

Our ordering process is so smooth that it almost feels effortless. We know that buying shoes can be a hassle for many people, which is why we have striven to make the experience as good as possible for our customers. You have plenty of help in selecting the perfect shoes with our filters that allow you to search according to size, style, brand and colour. With a range as big as ours, you need all the help you can get. If you find yourself floundering at any point, simply contact us and we will help you through the rapids.

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