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Maloles – French ballerina heaven

The Maloles brand was born in France and has its flagship store on the streets of Paris. With a shoe concept based around the classic ballerina model, this simplicity and versatility has now been applied to other models, including boots, platforms and pumps. In all shoes, the French understated sense of chic clearly shines through, making the shoes appropriate for both formal and casual attire. This means that with a pair of Maloles on your feet, you will look good and fit your surroundings no matter the time of day and on any occasion.

Maloles in Paris

The Maloles vision was born back in 2004, and after experiencing great success in Paris, the brand is still here more than a decade later, spreading its concept beyond the French capital of style. The design concept revolves around a unique mixture of sophistication and sensuality, the two almost opposing notions coming together in a formidable combination that has even the toughest shoe critic on their knees. The ballerina shoe is still a clear influence in the selection, making up a large part of the range, but is no longer the primary focus. Fine materials and impeccable creation are the finishing touches in this extraordinary shoe line.

Maloles shoes in your wardrobe

When you find a pair of shoes that you truly love, you want them to last forever so that you and those shoes can spend many happy days together. In order to make that happen, it’s a great idea to follow some basic tips when it comes to shoe care, so that you can keep your beloved Maloles in tip top condition. Always wipe your shoes clean, or use a dry brush on suede. Never put shoes away directly after wearing them. Instead, allow them to air for a while. Most importantly, keep fine shoes away from direct heat (such as fires and radiators) as the strong heat can dry out and crack the leather.

Maloles online at Footway

When you’re searching for a certain type of shoe, there’s a real light bulb moment when you finally find what you’re looking for. At Footway, we aim to help you achieve that light bulb moment earlier than you expect, by providing powerful tools to help you narrow down your search. Looking for a particular colour or shape? Use our filters to eliminate the wrong shoes and to help you find the best ones for your new shoe vision.

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