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Manas – display your love for Italian style

The Manas message is one of love for style and for your feet, all rolled into one deliciously sellable package. With vibrant colours, excellent materials and a true gift for staying ahead of the trends, Manas is your go-to brand for great footwear, whatever the occasion. Although the shoes are crafted with great precision and attention to detail, the result is nothing but life and fun. Thanks to this amazing combination, the Manas mission to spread the word far and wide is coming true. You can now buy Manas shoes all over the world, and most importantly, online right here at Footway UK.

Looking back with Manas

There is something sacred in the beginning of an epic journey, and that’s exactly how the Manas family feel about their small beginnings. Their founder Giuseppe Sagripanti created their very first pair of “Conchita” slippers in 1956, which later became a rousing success, thanks in part to the sound technology incorporated in the vulcanised rubber soles. Although the Manas success story is fit for business textbooks, they have never forgotten their original values, which is why they are such a successful brand today. Their devotion to competitive prices for their excellently comfortable and stylish footwear is an example to all shoe manufacturers.

Care tips for your Manas footwear

The wonderful Italian leather is already very durable, but will last even longer if you take a little time to look after the shoes. Treat leather well by brushing away dirt regularly, and conditioning the leather to keep it supple. You should always allow shoes to dry after wearing them, but keep damp leather away from sources of direct heat, which can damage and crack the material. Don’t forget that a shoehorn can facilitate your dressing process as well as protecting the shape of your shoes.

Manas online at Footway

Buying shoes online might be scary for some, but we’ve worked hard to make sure that it isn’t the case here at Footway. Our excellent terms and prices will soothe away your fears, and we aim for one of the easiest ordering processes on the web. Just find your dream shoes, place your order and complete the checkout process using a Visa, MasterCard, or bank transfer. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable team is willing to help, and we take pride in the friendliness of our staff.

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