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Marc shoes are all the rage

With a name as classy as their heritage, Marc has close to a century of passion underpinning the brand's designs and drive to stay ahead of the trends. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll find Marc shoes to be a brand to fall back on, whatever your footwear needs. Although most models are firmly within the classic, safe shades of brown and black that will compliment any outfit, you’ll also find the occasional splash of colour that lets you know that Marc is far from boring when it comes to shoe design.

Marc heritage – decades of history and fine shoes

The Marc brand was established in 1938. The founder Wilhelm Möhlmann caused a stir in the Northern German town of Fischbeck when he started designing shoes that were a little above the average quality. The range quickly grew and the brand stayed steady throughout the troubles and turbulent times of the 20th century. Nowadays the brand is a solid provider of shoes to hundreds of fans, and can be counted on for their unique style and characteristic signature. High quality materials also cater for a splendid fit and prevent the likelihood of odour or support problems.

Marc style and shoe tips

When you’re wearing a high quality pair of shoes, it’s ok for the rest of your outfit to be a little slapdash. A strong statement in your footwear underpins the entirety of your clothing, so you have no reason to stress on pressured occasions. Looking after your shoes is also a piece of cake when you follow an easy list of care tips.1. Always let your shoes air thoroughly after wearing them.2. A soft brush can get rid of surface dirt quickly and easily.3. Use a shoehorn to facilitate quick entry for your feet.4. Love your shoes and they will love you back, tenfold!

Marc online at Footway

Buying Marc shoes online has never been easier. You have no need to go all the way to Germany to get these quality shoes. With a few clicks of your mouse, the shoes can come directly to you. Browse through our catalogue to your heart’s content, and when you think you have found the perfect pair, click to place the shoes in your shopping basket. You can also add shoes to your favourite list by clicking on the heart button.

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