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Mel Dreamed by Melissa – mixing art, fashion and design

The Melissa brand is a heady mix of art, fashion and shoe design, wrapped up in an innovative use of cutting-edge technology to bring back old classics in fresh new designs. The Melissa trademark is something funky and modern brought out of an old cultural tradition, or a rubber or plastic version of a shoe model that you’re used to seeing in leather. Melissa even exhibit their ideas in a gallery in London, so if you’re in the area you can go and check out even more than the shoes.

Mel Dreamed by Melissa - a very vibrant collection

The amazing Melissa brand has been in operation since 1979 and has a presence in more countries than you could count. Their collaborative collections are a big part of their work, but the Mel Dreamed collection is special for being colourful and vibrant as well as comfortable and practical. You can find sandals, flip flops and ballerinas, all distinctive for the plastic or rubber materials used, while the shoes themselves are beautifully designed and formed to deceive you into thinking that they are leather or other common shoe materials.

Mel Dreamed by Melissa and your style

When it comes to style, Mel Dreamed by Melissa is most appropriate for the young at heart, and those with design-focused or creative jobs. Alternatively, if you prefer a splash of funky colours to wear around the house or for your holiday, you can invest in a pair. Fans of the brand insist that you won’t regret it. With mostly plastic and rubber materials, the shoes are easy to clean and take care of, as well as being surprisingly comfortable. Just keep them away from heat sources and sharp objects and they will last through your holiday and beyond.

Mel Dreamed by Melissa online at Footway

One of the huge advantages of shopping online is that you can gain exposure to shoe brands that you otherwise might not have heard about. Who knew there was a shoe brand with an associated art gallery? Well you do now! If you’re interested in a pair of shoes from the Mel Dreamed range, you only have to click to place them in your basket and then follow the simple instructions to go through the checkout process. Your shoes will be delivered before you know it, and you can enjoy being part of an arty movement in the shoe world.

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