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Mellow Yellow – lovely French shoes for women and girls

The Mellow Yellow brand is far from all yellow, but is most definitely the perfect choice for mellow fashion addicts who are looking for their new favourite pair of shoes. The shoes are inspired by the spirit and chic of Paris, and along with the ever-changing mood of the fashion world, they are continuously re-modelled and re-imagined. The Mellow Yellow company is a shoe brand that never stays still, so if you see a pair you like, better grab them quickly! They may look completely different the next time you visit the store.

Keep your feet up to date with Mellow Yellow

The brand was established in 2004 by the designer Bruno Van Gaver. With the roaring success and the subsequent admittance to a proud place in the Parisian fashion scene, you could say that he was onto a good thing with his idea for the brand. The constant re-working of all the shoe models is part of the reason for this grand success, as it allows the brand to remain fresh and keeps its status as a trend-setter. The inspiration for the name came from the 60s pop song which was so popular, and which now lends a unique colour and vibrancy to the brand.

Mellow Yellow style in your wardrobe

As the Mellow Yellow shoes are such trend-setters, they are ideal for fashion-conscious women and girls; especially the ones who love to be the first with the next biggest thing. If you’re looking for a classic model, then there are probably other brands which will serve you better, but for the young, passionately stylish fashion enthusiasts, this brand brings together the best elements of Parisian chic and modern trends. The company also makes handbags and other accessories, so for a really coordinated look, you can go all out with Mellow Yellow.

Mellow Yellow online at Footway

The internet is a wonderful thing. In one single visit, you can learn about a 60s pop sensation, get inspired by amazing shoes and order a pair of the same to be delivered to your door; all without ever having to leave your living room. When it comes to browsing and to online shopping, you are firmly in the driving seat and your surfing adventure can go as far and wide as you wish. Catch up with us whenever you like to let us know about your journey and any new shoes you may have discovered along the way!

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