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Melton - from socks to shoe success

This Danish brand started out with an innovative idea for high quality socks. These innovative foot-coverings caught on in a big way, and the company expanded into many other areas, including shoes, clothes and accessories. With typical Danish exuberance, the colurs and patterns of the shoes are quite eye-catching while retaining that elusive Scandinavian style that is easy to spot and so hard to replicate. The Melton range at Footway is largely based around the children’s selection, where your kids can choose from stylish Converse-style trainers or cosy slippers for wearing around the house.

Melton – a brand with a history of success

With many years since the inception of Melton, it’s clear that the brand is a success in the hearts and minds of its staff and customers. Their shoes are particularly innovative, offering linings made of blends of natural fibres such as cotton, wool and bamboo that will hold their colour and shape, even after repeated use and cleaning. Your children’s Melton shoes will quickly becomes their favourites for wearing around the house and out of doors, so don’t be surprised when they request a visit to the same brand when it’s time for their next lot of shoes.

Looking after your kids’ Melton shoes

Kids grow quickly, but with the rough and ready wear and tear that their shoes are subject to, it’s even more common for their shoes to get worn out even before it’s time for the replacements. You can help to extend the life of their favourite shoes by following a few great tips for shoe care. Be sure to keep shoes clean and dry. Encourage your kids to leave shoes out to air rather than storing them in a closed cupboard, as this will help the fibres to stay dry and avoid degradation of natural materials.

Melton online at Footway

Shopping online comes naturally to the younger generations who can’t remember a time before the internet. And the growth of online shopping looks set to expand exponentially. With that in mind, there is every reason to start your kids off early by teaching them how to browse through an online shop and use the filters available to narrow down their choices. With our Footway search, you can filter by size, shape, brand and even colour, to help you make that all-important decision regarding those new shoes.

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