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The return of curling boots

Filled with a soft lining, these snug ankle boots will warm your feet to the tips of your toes. Warm, protective and infinitely cosy, they allow you to trample on the snow and bop around town keeping your feet safe from the cold throughout the winter. Beautifully designed to wrap your feet in warmth and comfort, curling boots are high quality shoes that are easy to slip on and can be worn everyday without sacrificing elegance. Choose from many models by Camper, Tramp, Hush Puppies, Shepherd, Gant, Nude and much more.

Maintaining your curling boots

Curling boots, if well maintained, can last a long time, making them a favourite shoe in your collection. Pamper them by applying all the necessary care to protect their upper suede or leather. Waterproof them first with a special product for leather or suede. For suede curling boots, rub marks very gently with a suede brush then pass a wet cloth soaked in gentle soap. Let them dry completely before wearing. Erase light marks with a suede eraser. For leather curling boots: brush them well on the soles, then wax the upper body with beeswax.

Curling Boots: style tips

Curling boots are especially made for winter, encasing your feet in warmth and comfort, while simultaneously offering an elegant look. Choose a classic model in black suede, paired with tapered pants, leggings or with a skirt and tights. Some models feature a heel which can add an elegance factor as well as a few centimetres. If you prefer something sportier, coordinate them with jeans and a wool vest and top, with a cashmere sweater or even a cosy poncho. Some models are also available for men so they can be cosy too!

Online curling Boots on Footway

These snug ankle boots will keep your feet happy throughout the cold months. Taking you from city to country, cafe to mountaintop vistas. With their non-slip soles, they are perfect on all surfaces. More than 150 pairs are sold at Footway. Order now and enjoy our fast and easy delivery. You will benefit from our policy of keeping all pairs of shoes in stock so that we can send them out within hours of receiving your delivery. What’s stopping you? Get ready for cosy happy feet that will thank you in your new curling boots!

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28 results
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