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Sheep-skin boots, a warm cocoon for your feet

Sheep-skin boots became popular thanks to the success of Australian brand UGG boots, first available as an inviting wool lined boot. Originally worn by Australian shepherds, they were adopted by surfers in the 70s, who wore them when they weren’t on the waves to warm their feet and then adopted by the Hollywood set. Today, Sheep-skin boots are worn by girls, women and children of all ages. Their soft texture and extremely gentle feel is similar to wearing slippers. Among our available brands, we offer UGG, Spirit, Duffy, Toms, Ecco and others that will pamper your soles and toes.

Sheep-skin boots Maintenance

Most sheep skin boots do need a bit of maintenance to protect them from the elements to which they are likely to be exposed. This is mainly comprised of first water proofing them with a dedicated product and then regularly gently cleaning the suede leather. Before you wear them out, treat them with a suitable product to avoid water stains. To clean, gently pass a dampened cloth over the entire surface. Mix the shampoo and conditioner on a clean sponge and wipe them gently on the shoe. Rinse with water and let dry completely. For leather or nubuck, use specific products.

Sheep skin boots: style tips

Sheep skin boots are a great choice when you want to feel both sophisticated and comfortable. They can be worn with leggings and an oversized sweater or top. Wool lined boots also look great with jeans tucked into them as well as wearing them with shorts or miniskirts for a more fun and outgoing look. Kids will enjoy wearing them with anything and parents can feel secure that their children’s feet will remain warm when outside. Wool-lined boots are also great to wear around the house, when lounging or hanging out with friends.

Sheep skin boots online at Footway

Take advantage of our great selection of Sheepskin boots and wool lined boots at Footway. You will always get your purchase with speed and with great customer service, which includes help with any problems you may be having. You can order online with ease with our large selection and user-friendly website. If you need help choosing the perfect pair of Sheepskin boots, why not use our handy search filters? Sit back in the comfort of your own home and narrow down your choice of models by size, brand or colour.

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6 results
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