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Summer nights out in heeled sandals

Everyone has a pair of sandals in their wardrobe, but the heeled variety adds a touch of extra class to the shoe, making it suitable for nights out and formal events in the summer. Heeled shoes are a woman's best beauty secret. Wearing a pair of heels can make you feel taller, sexier and more confident, and the sandal version is no different. Keep your head high and your feet cool this summer with a pair of beautiful heeled sandals. Choose from different materials and colours to match your style and your favourite summer outfit.

Care instructions for heeled sandals

Taking care of shoes doesn't have to be a bother and will repay itself many times in keeping both your sandals and your wardrobe fresh and clean. Heeled sandals can be wiped down after use to rid them of any accumulated dust and dirt. If you have been wearing them in the hot weather, be sure to let them dry out thoroughly before you put them away. However, allowing them to dry naturally at room temperature is the best strategy. Keep them away from heat sources such as radiators at all costs, as the direct heat can damage the material of the shoes.

Style tips for heeled sandals

It goes without saying that heeled sandals are best suited to the summer. If you are lucky enough to take holidays late in the year you can also pack them for vacations in warmer climates. Wearing heeled sandals with a dress or skirt can be a great way to show off your summer tan. They can also be worn to good effect with trousers or shorts. Choose black or beige for nights out or white and lighter colours for trips out during the day. Another strategy can be to match your sandals with your top or with a piece of jewellery for great effect.

Heeled Sandals online at Footway

Ordering shoes of any kind can be a tricky business, as colours and models often differ dramatically between different brands. However, we at Footway have found the solution to this problem. We offer such a wide selection of shoes, that you are bound to be able to find what you are looking for somewhere in our range. Add that to the convenience of online shopping and the smooth experience of our user-friendly website and there are simply no drawbacks to choosing to shop with Footway.

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