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Low-heeled sandals for summer events

Low-heeled sandals are the perfect happy medium. Cool enough to wear on the hottest summer days, yet still formal enough to be appropriate for weddings. Enough of a heel to look classy but not so much that you experience any difficulties in walking. Kitten-heeled sandals are the favourite of many women and it's easy enough to understand why. These sandals may be made of leather or synthetic materials and come in various colours and styles. A timeless classic for summer and a staple for the savvy woman's wardrobe.

Care instructions for low-heeled sandals

Taking care of your shoes is easy with the right attitude. Make it a part of your routine to wipe off dirt as soon as you take off the shoes and you will be rewarded with sandals that always look new and fresh. You can use a soft dry cloth or a slightly damp one for persistent mud. As many summer events are outdoors it's normal for sandals to get quite dirty, but cleaning them straight away is key to maintaining the condition and keeping them looking fantastic.

Style tips for low-heeled sandals

You can match low-heeled sandals with summer dresses or skirts to great effect. Choosing a white or beige colour is a good strategy as these colours often go well with the pastel shades of summer clothing. Better still, white or light coloured sandals will show off your tan to perfection. You can also wear low-heeled sandals to keep your feet cool if you are obliged to wear a smart suit. Paint your toenails in a pretty colour to add a nice effect and enjoy the cool breeze around your feet.

Low-heeled sandals online at Footway

You may be surprised at how quickly our sandals arrive after you place the order. At Footway, we work tirelessly to send out orders as fast as we receive them. Less time for anticipation, but more time to spend enjoying your new shoes. Fast shipping is one of our strengths, but we also offer a super-smooth shopping experience. This is shoe shopping as you have never known it. If you need assistance with any part of the selection or ordering process, just get in touch with our super-friendly customer service agents.

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