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Buy beautiful stiletto heels from our extensive range

There is a myth that only models can wear stiletto heels, but that simply isn't true. They may not be for the faint of heart, but the truth is that, with a little practice, even the clumsiest of us can learn to walk in stilettos. The sexy design, the lengthening effect on your legs and the overall boost to your confidence definitely make it worth putting a little effort into learning. And there is no better place to start than with a gorgeous pair of heels from Footway. We have stiletto heels in a variety of materials from genuine leather to quality synthetic models.

Caring for your stiletto heels

Depending on the design, your stilettos may only require a quick wipe-over after use to keep them in good shape. Shoe designs that include a lot of straps tend to be a little more fiddly to clean but the effort is worth the fresh effect you will achieve. Be careful to also clean the underside as it is easy to forget that this will be visible if you sit with crossed legs. The small surface area of the heel also makes it important to ensure a level surface to walk on so you should remove and bits of gravel or foreign objects stuck to the bottom of your shoes (we've all seen how dirty the floors in nightclubs are!).

Style tips for stiletto heels

As with any pair of heels, you can wear stilettos with practically any outfit to add class, grace and an element of sexiness to your look. They look particularly good with a short skirt or dress, but can also add a classy touch to a trouser outfit. When it comes to the colour, you can go for the obvious black or beige options which go with everything. However if you really want your shoes to be noticed, choose a dramatic colour such as red or teal and build your outfit around the contrast between your bright shoes and a black dress.

Stiletto heels online at Footway

Contrary to traditional belief, online stores are one of the best places to shop for stiletto heels. Not only is the range far broader than anything you would find in a brick and mortar shop, but you also get your shoes delivered to your home far more quickly than you could have imagined possible. Trying the shoes out at home is a unique opportunity to check them out with the very outfit you want to wear them with, and decide whether they really go. With friendly customer service added into the bargain, there are truly no arguments against shopping online at Footway.

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