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A wide range of knee-high boots available at Footway

Knee-high boots are a classic, often worn with jeans or a short skirt. This iconic fashion trend is more than simply stylish, it is also practical. Get warmly-lined pair of high boots to wear in the winter and enjoy being both elegant and comfortable. Knee-high boots are most often made of high-quality leather, meaning that they are durable and will look great for years to come.

Taking care of your knee-high boots

If your boots are made of leather, then you will have an easy time keeping them clean. Simply rub them gently with a soft brush or cloth. If there is caked mud or dirt, you can use a damp cloth and follow up with a leather polish to condition the material and keep it supple. Most importantly, never allow your boots to dry near a source of direct heat or in sunlight, as this may cause the material to crack or split. You can use a waterproofing agent to protect the boots – also if they are made of synthetic material. This will help to keep your feet dry in the rain as well as protecting the boots from the elements.

Style tips for knee-high boots

A pair of knee-high boots is the perfect thing to wear with a short skirt for a striking look. You can also wear these boots over jeans to great effect. Brown or black leather are the most common colours and go well with the stonewashed blue of jeans. We also offer other colours so you can try to get a good matching or contrasting colour for an outfit you have in mind. Knee-high boots can also be worn underneath loose jeans or trousers, as with ankle boots.

Knee-high boots online at Footway

Shopping online can be every bit as satisfying as looking for items in a brick and mortar shop, and only a fraction as exhausting. Better still, you can do your shopping at a time that suits you without having to worry about store opening times. If you prefer to shop in the middle of the night, so be it! Our job is to send you your new boots as soon as possible after we receive your order. Unfortunately the postal service is not available at night, or we would surely work through the night to send out your order. That's our level of dedication! We also offer friendly customer service to help you with any question you may have.

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