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Wedge trainers are in!

They are both casual and classy. With a pair of wedge trainers on your feet you won't fail to attract attention. Wedge trainers haven't been around as long as the classic flat trainers, but they have made a big splash in the time that they have been popular. Add a bit of height to your casual look and show off your sense of style. Wedge trainers come in a number of models, so there will be something to match the outfit you are planning. The best part is that these trainers are just as comfortable as normal trainers, but twice as chic.

Care instructions for wedge trainers

Wedge sneakers are easy to care for. They can be looked after in much the same way as normal trainers, which is to say, clean the dust and dirt off them using a soft brush and then use a damp cloth and a very diluted detergent to wipe over the surface of the trainers. Leave the trainers to air dry at room temperature. Never allow them to dry on a radiator or in sunlight as the direct heat may damage the material. A little time spent caring for your trainers will be repaid when they continue to look nice, year-in year-out.

Style tips for wedge trainers

Wedge trainers have the advantage that they look right with skirts of any length, as well as trousers and shorts. The only thing that you need to worry about is colour. You want your wedge trainers to match or complement one of the colours in your outfit to avoid creating too much contrast around the level of your feet. Why not buy several pairs so that you have a pair for any occasion? Wedge trainers are generally casual wear, but in some cases could be worn with a dress or more formal outfit to good effect. The possibilities are endless.

Wedge trainers online at footway

Ordering your new wedge trainers from Footway is a decision you won't come to regret. We offer fast shipping on all orders, so you will be able to start wearing them without delay. We have also streamlined our website to offer a great shopping experience. Choose your shoes the easy way. Shop from the comfort of your own living room and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Our friendly customer service team is simply waiting to help you get your dream wedge trainers.

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