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Mentor shoes – Danish flair for your feet

The secret of the Mentor brand is in the amazing elegance of each pair, notwithstanding the variety that the brand offers. The company has been making luxury shoes for many years, and pride themselves on their outstanding collections for each season. Visit the brand page to check out the range offered here at Footway, and you won’t be short of choice among the beautiful and sophisticated shoes on selection. Best of all, the brand makes all kinds of shoes, so you can outfit your feet for all eventualities in the coming season.

The Danish Mentor shoes

If there's one thing that the Danes know how to do well, it’s fashion. While the whole of Scandinavia is known for it’s minimalist fashion chic, the Danes break out of that stereotype by going for bold colours and patterns. And they certainly have the personality to back up those fabulous creations. If you also have a big personality and like to make a statement with your outfits, you can find plenty of material in the Mentor range, where there are shoes for every occasion, both everyday and dressy and for both men and women.

Mentor shoes and your wardrobe

Although the Mentor shoes are luxurious, they are also affordable. That’s the true magic of the brand. If you’re ready to kit out your wardrobe, it’s worth having a clearout first to make some space for your beautiful new shoes. These beauties are made to be worn and you are far more likely to take them on their maiden journey if your other options are limited, so throw out or give away those pairs that pinch your toes or those old shoes that don’t match anything. A bit of spring (or autumn) cleaning is just the thing to brighten up your closet and your mood.

Mentor online at Footway

Buying shoes online can be one of the most rewarding experiences that the modern world has to offer. You can find any number of wonderful shoes available here online at Footway, and we are just waiting to take your order. Don’t hesitate to browse as long as you want. We know that our range can be a bit bewildering. That’s why we have provided the useful filters that allow you to narrow down your search to the right size, model and colour. You might not be looking for anything special, so then we suggest that you use our “favourites” function to save the pairs that catch your eye, and thereby make a shortlist.

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13 results
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