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Mexicana shoes – Passion and vintage spirit

Mexicana shoes have been going strong for over 20 years. Their fiery passion is a creative flame that has gone into making some of the most smoking hot shoes around. Mexicana aims to be a true link between Europe and Mexico and symbolises the spirit of adolescence, adventure and a young, free rock and roll lifestyle. However, while the concept behind the brand is all about seizing the moment, the quality of the footwear never falters for an instant. You can wear these shoes and let out your wild side without ever having to worry that your boots will let you down.

Taking care of your Mexicana shoes

Look after your shoes and they will look after you. Even the most fashionable and elegant shoes lose some of their lustre if they are covered in dirt and mud. Clean your Mexicana shoes by wiping off the residues of your adventures with a damp cloth. Leave the shoes to dry and apply a waterproofing agent to give them an extra layer of protection from dust and moisture. If your shoes get very wet, resist the temptation to put them on the radiator and instead stuff them with paper to help soak up the moisture.

Style tips for Mexicana shoes

Mexicana shoes are perfect for those times when you want to let your hair down and experience the wild and free days of your youth. Whether you are still a youngster or merely young at heart, it makes no difference. Everyone is entitled to a little rock&roll lifestyle now and then. The boots will lend themselves well to short skirts or to be worn with jeans. If you already have the perfect accompaniment, then don’t hesitate to order your new Mexicana shoes today. They could become your new favourites.

Mexicana shoes online at Footway

Whether you are an old fan of Mexicana, or experiencing the magic for the first time, we are equally happy to serve. The Mexicana range has a lot to offer for people who are spontaneous and love to live in the moment. Ordering your new shoes from Footway is another time to be spontaneous. Our fast delivery and superior customer service will ensure that your split-second decisions won’t let you down. Once you have chosen your favourite pair, waste no time in placing your order and we promise to send you your new shoes quickly.

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