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Miezko shoes – for a luxurious footwear experience

The best thing about the Miezko experience is that you can clothe your feet like royalty, and never worry about the state of your wallet. The key mission of the Miezko brand is to bring you amazing shoes at reasonable prices, and fans of the brand will tell you that they certainly achieve that aim. The shoes themselves are glamorous without being over-the-top, and retain that air of class that makes it clear that the shoes are of European heritage. Whether you’re looking for shoes for a party or anothey special occasion, you’ll find the perfect pair within our range, and best of all, you’ll be able to afford them as well.

Miezko – the brand for Dutch glamour

If there’s one thing that the Dutch are famous for, it’s innovation and a worldly outlook. You can be sure that The Miezko brand, which was founded in 2006, will catch people’s eyes wherever you go. All the shoes have a vibrant purple leather sole and a distinctive air of the upper class. Innovation and new manufacturing technologies are at the heart of the brand, and it really shows in some of the fabulous pairs that have appeared in leading fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue. Famous designers such as Angelo Trentin from Italy have also collaborated on the Miezko team to bring you the latest collections.

Miezko shoes and your closet

With their fabulous colours and patterns, Miezko shoes will certainly stand out in the crowd, not to mention in your wardrobe. In order to keep that eye-catching look, you should protect the shoes by waterproofing them thoroughly before the first time you wear them. This will help the shoes to repel dust and dirt and make it easy for you to wipe them clean after wearing them.

Miezko online at Footway

When you have set your heart on the perfect pair of Miezko shoes, there is nothing left to do but add them to your shopping basket and click to buy them. You can pay using a Visa, Mastercard or even a bank transfer. Our convenient ordering process has been streamlined to make everything as easy for you as we can, but if you’re still having difficulties, just get in touch and we will help you out. Our friendly team is on hand to answer your queries, so call or email using the contact details on our contact page and we’ll do our best to smooth things over.

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