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Mina shoes for kiddies’ feet

The Mina selection is a delightful range of shoes for small feet. Children will love the bright colours, patterns and even animal characters that are presented in the Mina range. Best of all, the shoes are specially designed to support and protect growing feet, so you can be sure that your children will be able to stride with confidence through all of their greatest adventures, with their feet in good hands. Whether your child is inspired by mini cowboy boots, studded oxfords or ladybird ballerinas, you will save yourself a shopping trip and your children will be eager to put on their shoes every time you go out.

The history of Mina

Mina is another of the world’s many successful Scandinavian brands. With the name “Mina shoes” simply meaning “my shoes” in Swedish, the impression is one of personal customisation and of shoes designed for real people – especially the little ones. The good news is that, although the brand comes from far away, you don’t need to travel to Sweden to buy these fabulous shoes. Footway offers the perfect way to greet a world of shoes, without needing to leave your sofa.

Looking after Mina shoes

Children live a life filled with adventure, and that means that their playtime can be a little rough on their shoes. Teach your kids to take care of their shoes from an early age, and you will be teaching them a life skill that will help them throughout their shoe-wearing life. As kids’ shoes often end up stomping in puddles, you should make sure that the shoes have some time to dry out and air before storing them. You can stuff shoes with crumpled newspaper in order to speed up the drying process.

Mina online at Footway

One of the thrills of the modern world is that moment when you click to place an order in an online store. There is something magical about knowing that your new shoes are on the way and that you will soon be the proud owner of some fresh and fabulous footwear. When shopping for children’s shoes, why not let them take part in the selection and ordering process? You can let them choose from a shortlist that you select to expedite the buying process. And when the shoes arrive, your child will feel more ownership of the shoes and will therefore take better care of them (in theory!).

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