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Radii – Creative fashion

For all you sneaker-lovers out there; this is a brand for you! This American sneaker brand creates cool, hip shoes with high quality materials without compromising on design. These sneakers are for the fashion-forward person who isn’t afraid of standing out in the crowed. They are a statement of confidence.Complete your outfit with a pair of Radii on your feet. Whether you are going out clubbing or to a hip café, you can never go wrong when wearing them.This is the sneaker you would want in your wardrobe.

Radii – The Californian way

With headquarters in southern California, Radii (ray-dee-eye) brings an uncontrolled passion for couture and art to the world of high-end footwear and sneakers.Founded in 2008, Radii set out to show the world that there is no limit to fashion, opportunities and creative styling. When you buy a pair of Radii you will get a sneaker with high quality, creative design and fashion.The collections come in many different models and designs as well as in a wide range of different colours and patterns. This is truly a sneaker brand that is on top of its game. Try them out!

Get in style with Radii

When you pick a sneaker from Radii we already know that you are a fashion victim and that this is your great passion. When picking your outfit for the day or evening let the sneaker be a great accessory to your outfit. This will create an interesting and comfortable style that will be unique. With so many varieties of colours, patterns and models, it will be easy to style your outfit with your Radii sneakers. From one sneaker lover to another, this is as good as it gets.

Find your Radii sneakers on Footway

Why not buy your next pair of Radii shoes or sneakers online on Footway? With the latest collections you will have a big assortment to choose from. On Footway we always want to give our customers the best customer service and shopping experience. With customer service that is open 24/7 we are always there to answer your questions. Shopping at Footway is easy, click your way to the specific product and then press order. Next thing you’ll know you’ll be walking around in your new Radii sneakers. Go online and go shopping on Footway today!

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14 results
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