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Minna Heino – fabulous comfort and style

One of the trends in the modern shoe world is a rebellion against traditional values of fashion over comfort. Why can’t we have both? Asks the founder of Minna Heino. With true Swedish logic, she decided to provide what the market was missing, and the rest is history. Now you can jump on board this growing movement and ask for what was previously thought to be impossible. Shoes that both look good, and that take good care of your feet. Once you’ve tried on your first pair of Minna Heino beauties, you’ll realise that it wasn’t too much to ask for in the first place!

All about Minna Heino

The story behind the Minna Heino brand is that of a woman who looked at the shoe market and decided that there were simply too many impractical shoes for women that didn’t fit the needs of day-to-day living and work. As there didn’t seem to be a brand that sold truly lovely yet comfortable and practical shoes, she decided to start her own. She also threw in eco-consciousness and natural materials as a bonus. Now she runs the brand with her husband and they make wonderful shoes for both men and women.

Minna Heino and your personal style

Although Minna attended the Nordic Design School to learn her craft, you don’t need to be a fashion designer to be able to incorporate these shoes into your wardrobe. They lend themselves to cheerful and daring outfits. The type of situation where you aren’t quite sure whether two garments will go together, but they manage to do so with aplomb. Why not try your new shoes with an all black suit or a printed dress. Depending on the model you have chosen, you may find that your Minna Heino shoes become the basis for your outfit.

Minna Heino online at Footway

When you’re looking for truly comfortable shoes, our online shop is the place to start looking. We have plenty of brands that prioritise comfort as highly as style, and with the convenience of an online store, your shopping can also be done in comfort. Whether you’re looking for boots or pumps, you can easily browse through our selection of brands, narrowing down your search according to the precise model and colour that you have in mind. If the worst happens and you come back from your search empty handed, why not get in touch? We might be able to recommend just the thing to fill that empty space in your closet.

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