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ck Calvin Klein – yes, they make shoes too

You would have to have your head buried in the sand not to have heard of Calvin Klein, but they are often associated with the famous underwear, jeans and perfume lines. However, it’s time to find out that they make shoes too, and what shoes! One glance at the ck Calvin Klein range offered here on Footway and you will realise that they excel at shoe making, along with every other line of products they offer. The range of ck shoes we offer includes both smart and casual options, so whatever you’re hunting for, you’ll find it here.

A brand with a glowing history - ck Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein brand was founded by the man behind the name, all the way back in 1968. His first ventures were coats and dresses, but with the success of the brand, he soon added other types of products and apparel to the label. Almost 50 years later, the brand is still a major label and a regular household name. The shoes offered under the label conform to the signature classy understatement that has made Calvin Klein so famous through the years.

ck Calvin Klein style and your feet

The Calvin Klein brand is an obvious choice when you need shoes for a special occasion, or when you have the type of job that requires an extra classy look every day. You can rely on the Calvin Klein brand to provide everything you need to make a good impression and their signature, stylish black will go with practically any outfit. Take good care of your shoes by keeping them clean, allowing them to air thoroughly after each use, and using a shoe horn to protect the backs when you are putting on your shoes.

ck Calvin Klein online at Footway

Calvin Klein is the type of label that inhabits the fashion capitals of the world, but there is nothing to say that you need to go all the way to Paris or Milan to get a pair of their shoes. Simply choose the pair you want here on Footway and we will send them right to you. As easy as pie! The ordering process is super easy, and you can even make an account with us to save your details. That means you won’t have to tell us your address or any other details next time you want to order shoes.

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26 results
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