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MOD8 for kids with great attitude

If your kid has already started to develop a mind of his or her own, you can be sure that he or she will love the great selection of MOD8 shoes here at Footway. The philosophy of MOD8 is to provide amazing styles for growing feet while respecting the anatomy of children’s sensitive growing feet. As the younger ages are a vital period in the development of children’s feet, it’s crucial to make sure that shoes aren’t restricting their growth in any way. But with MOD8 you can rest assured that, despite the trend-focused appearance of the brand, they also have your children’s best interests in focus.

The story of MOD8

The MOD8 brand was started in France by a guy named Marcel Maudouit. His Bordeaux based company started out small, but within 20 years had expanded into other premises. The brand went on to build a factory and expand distribution into countries around the world. With MOD8 being a trusted name in children’s footwear, it’s certain that you will encounter the brand in children’s footwear retailers around the globe. Let your kids go wild with style in the MOD8 selection. There are plenty of choices for both boys and girls, and you can outfit their feet for all seasons from our range.

MOD8 style in the house

Once your children’s new shoes have been delivered, they will probably want to start wearing them right away. However, you would do well to teach them a little about shoe care before letting them run amok in their new shoes. Make sure they know that shoe materials are delicate and need to be kept clean, dry and away from direct heat. You can have fun with newspaper when you teach them about stuffing the shoes to help dry them out after playtime in the rain.

MOD8 online at Footway

The best online shops have a simple design and a speedy delivery service. You can be sure that we at Footway strive to be among the best, which means that we’re constantly looking for ways to simplify our ordering process and expedite your union with those new shoes you’re hankering after. All shoes are kept in stock in our warehouse, meaning that as soon as you have placed your order, our staff spring into action to send out the package to you. We’d love to hear from your with questions or feedback, so get in touch if you have any of either.

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