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Mohedatoffeln shoes are both stunning and unique

These distinctive shoes come from Moheda village, which is located in the area of Småland in Sweden. The family has been producing footwear for five generations, and the brand has a wide influence abroad with many of the shoes they make being exported. Their wooden-soled clogs and sandals are far more beautiful and stylish than you might imagine, as a quick browse through their range will demonstrate. With a wide spectrum of gorgeous colours and a number of different styles, these models will surely provide something for the avid clog-hunters among you.

Taking care of Mohedatoffeln shoes

The big surprise when it comes to Mohedatoffeln shoes is that the lower sole is made of wood. This is far more comfortable than you might imagine, since the wood is shaped to fit your feet perfectly, and provides a warm smooth surface for walking and standing. Keep your clogs and sandals in good shape by wiping them free of dust and dirt and using a waterproofing agent on the outer leather. You should protect the shoes from moisture, which could cause the wood to expand and crack, as well as keeping them away from heat sources and overexposure to sunlight.

Style tips for Mohedatoffeln shoes

Our range of Moheda shoes includes many beautiful colours, as well as various styles. Most of the sandals and sandalettes include a low heel and would be suitable for work and outdoor pastimes during the warmer months of the year. Many people use clogs for gardening, but we feel that these shoes are far too beautiful to be hidden away amidst the long grass. Find a floaty summer skirt or dress and show them off to the world.

Mohedatoffeln shoes online at Footway

We at Footway are proud to be spreading the word about the many Swedish brands available within footwear. But even if we weren’t we would still do all we could to send you your shoes as quickly as possible. Our goal is to ship all orders on the same day or the very next day after your order has been placed. Once you have fallen in love with a pair of shoes, it would be cruel to make you wait too long to start enjoying them. Aside from our delivery record, we also offer a very simple ordering process and we pride ourselves on having one of the friendliest customer help desks around.

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