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Mohino - Get ready for summer

Mohino is a Spanish brand which designs sandals that are perfect for sunny, warm weather. The company has a long history when it comes to producing shoes and they are mostly known for their wooden shoes, as well as leather sandals. The brand provides high quality shoes for an affordable price and it has long been a clear favourite among the people of Spain in a very competitive market. Bring the sandals on your next vacation or wear them at home in the summertime when you want to let your feet breathe.

Stylish leather sandals from Mohino

Mohino is a family business located near the sunny city of Alicante in Spain. The company started off by producing wooden shoes and these became very popular due to the fact that they were both useful and very comfortable. It was also the perfect type of shoe for the warm Spanish climate. Later on, the brand wanted to create something different and this was when the leather sandals took over large parts of production. The goal was to create light and breezy shoes of high quality with a comfortable fit. The range of colours are natural and discreet, which makes them very easy to match.

A bohemian chic look with sandals from Mohino

You can find Mohino shoes all over the world. The brand is very popular in Spain and with one look at the shoes it is easy to know why. With a pair of Mohino sandals you can go all in on the bohemian style with a maxi dress or skirt. Add a sun hat and a pair of sunglasses for a complete summer look. The shoes are very comfortable so you can wear them on your way to the beach, the pool or strolling the city looking for a bite to eat. They also offer more casual options and you can also find sandals that are great for a night out.

Mohino shoes online on Footway

Footway has a nice range of shoes from Mohino to fit your personal style and preferences. All the shoes shown on the website are currently in stock and ready to be sent to your doorstep. The sandals are perfect for summer and you will find that they are easy to match with many different outfit combinations. If you need any help picking out what shoes are best for you, send us a message or give Footway’s customer service team a call. We will do what we can to help you choose!

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7 results
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