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Molo – providing every child’s favourite shoes

Molo is here to do your children a favour and provide the shoes that will become their favourites for the next months (until it’s shoe-shopping time again!). It’s hard to say exactly what it is about Molo shoes that makes children fall for them. Perhaps it's the comfortable fit; perhaps it’s the vibrant colours or beautiful form. Perhaps it’s the fun feeling that comes along with the brand. Whatever it is, the fact remains that the majority of children prefer their Molo shoes to any other brand, and when it’s a percentage that large, parents would do well to sit up and take notice.

The Molo story, from start to now

Although Molo was established in 2003 and is a relatively young brand, there are thousands of young people who have nevertheless grown up wearing Molo shoes and who are prepared to introduce their kids to Molo magic when the time comes. Molo shoes are designed for growing people up to the ages of 16, and aside from shoes, they also make clothes and swimwear for boys and girls. The secret behind the brand is that they put kids first and listen to what their young customers actually want, rather than going by tradition or by what parents think their children want. This strategy has seen the company go in some radically new directions, and has also doubtless been largely the reason for their great success.

Molo style and your child

Molo style plays to children’s vivid imaginations and allows them to express themselves through colour, shape and details. Coupled with that, the famous clean Scandinavian look makes the shoes and clothes seem classy, so your children will never look like they are wearing old-fashioned hand-me-downs (even if that’s actually the case!). If you have a unique and quirky kid, let them show their personality through their clothes and shoes. Choose Molo and you’ll be thanked for it later.

Molo online at Footway

One of the great things about online stores is that they bring the world to your doorstep. Even if you had never previously heard about the Molo brand, you certainly have now. Your children will educate you if need be. Why not involve them in the process of short-listing and choosing a pair of shoes? You can then be sure that they will get the pair they want and your kids will learn something about the great world of online shopping.

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